Connectivity issues

What has become of us? A long, long time ago, there was just AOL, with Instant Messaging and simple channels to guide our lives. We wanted more. We needed to connect with each other. Be careful what you wish for… 2009: Facebook was a new, interesting toy; something to play with right before bed. Looking up … More Connectivity issues


Another crazy Huffington Post article, this one about the hashtag #AllLivesDidntMatter To quote the article: For every black person that declares his or her life matters, there are at least a dozen hurt white people shouting “all lives matter” at them instead of trying to understand why saying #BlackLivesMatter is necessary in the first place. This … More #SomeLivesDriveMeCrazy

Doomed to repeat

Here’s why I can’t just do Twitter. I have too many words. I keep seeing things like “We were all illegal immigrants once, from the perspective of the Indians.” As though that’s supposed to shut people up over having fears and concerns. I’m supposed to immediately feel regret, remorse and compassion. Oh, you got me. … More Doomed to repeat

The Cards Don’t Lie

  Mother’s Day.  I missed it. I didn’t go see my mother on Mother’s Day because of my busy life of being a mother. I simply couldn’t didn’t make the time. I called, but there was no answer. Post Mother’s Day, first thing Monday morning, I and another straggler stood at the picked-over card section at the … More The Cards Don’t Lie